Ivan Louis Gevirtz                   Ivan Louis Gevirtz
                                                Siaxx Corporation
                                                1284 Beacon St. # 409
                                                Brookline, MA 02446-3731
                                                (617) 713-3831


· Harvard University                               Cambridge, MA 1999 - 2001(est.)
Masters of Science in Computer Science.
· Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA Sept. 1991 - Dec. 1994
Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences ; Pre-Med .


· Avid Technology         Tewksbury, MA                          Apr. 1998 - Current
Senior Engineering Consultant.
        Wrote proposal for enhancing Avid Technology’s OpenCore project. Continued development on the Core module using MSC++ 6.0. This effort extracted and abstracted some of the underlying multi-platform core software for packaging and distribution as a DLL and Shared Library. Duties included ensuring that the extracted modules were free of external dependencies, that they were internally consistent, and that they didn’t cross any desired abstraction boundaries. Leveraged the Unit Test work I had already done to adapt the API for use in OpenCore. Extended the object framework and API to allow for use both within Avid’s products and with stand alone applications. Developed automated tests using MSVC++6.0 to test that new code added to Core doesn’t violate the desired abstraction level and doesn’t pull in any unwanted dependencies. This software also tests the internal consistency of Core, and ensures proper functionality of many subsystems, including object, and file system classes. Fixed and enhanced an internal scripting language for use in automating activities both within and outside of the Media Composer application. Wrote shell program to allow automation and scripting outside of the main applications. Together, the components I developed, including the shell program, the scripting language library, and the Unit Test Class framework, allow developers to write fully automated Unit Tests to work both within the Media Composer family of applications, and with isolated modules of code.
· Intel Corporation         Tewksbury, MA                         Oct. 1997 – Apr. 1998
Principal Development Engineer.
        Designed, and lead a small team of engineers to develop Unit Tests for Avid Technologies Oscar winning Media Composer digital non-linear film and video editing system. In addition to implementing meaningful and useful tests and associated data, duties included designing and coding a structural object framework and API to use when writing the tests. Also reviving, updating, and extending internal console-based scripting language to help facilitate the automatic execution of the tests. Interfacing with the Video and Audio code on many different levels to ensure consistent and accurate performance, and troubleshooting and debugging problems when found. Reviewing others code and ensuring that it adheres to good programming methodologies and principals. Design issues included tri-platform support (NT, Mac, Unix), multi-functional common code used in many different ways for many different applications, with an eye on future utility and extensibility. Tools used included MSC++ 4.2, MKS Korn Shell scripts, QAPartner, Clearcase.
· Strategic Interactive Group     Boston, MA                    Sept. 1997 - Oct. 1997
Programmer Analyst.
        Collaboratively designed and developed proof of concept of a new template for IBM to use in creating 200 extranet web sites using Lotus Script in Notes 4.5, Domino, and HTML. Maintained existing live web production sites.
· Escuela Politécnica Nacional    Quito, ECUADOR        Sept. 1996 - Aug. 1997
Volunteer English Teacher.
        Worked as a volunteer with Harvard’s WorldTeach program. Creatively designed and taught curriculum at the country’s premier Engineering University. In addition, showed leadership role within WorldTeach by compiling feedback and authoring documentation and proposals.
· Lotus Development Corporation   Cambridge, MA        April 1996 - Aug. 1996
Software Engineer, Team Leader.
        Designed and developed remote network administration tools including a registration and request brokerage system which integrates Lotus Notes with the IBM Global Network and the Internet using LotusScript, HTML, and Domino. Platforms included NT and OS/2. Proposed and authored new Technical Specification on how to reengineer the existent database schema to make it simpler, more robust, more configurable, and more scalable. Rapidly implemented the proposal under considerable time pressure. Trained new employees on the current system and assisted in project planning.
· MarketMAX Inc.                         Danvers, MA                Jan. 1995 - Feb. 1996
Software Architect.
        Worked in a team environment to design and develop a retail inventory and space management system for Windows 3.x and Win 95 using MSVC++ and MFC. Worked on project from the planning stages through final release and first maintenance upgrade. Independently created and implemented a DLL containing an object-oriented hurestic request brokerage system which utilized an internal model of the physical world. Founded company recycling program. Coordinated employee events. Liaison between company president and employees.
· Vispertek Corporation                Cambridge, MA            May 1994 - Aug. 1996
Inventor, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering. Chief Software Designer/Developer
        Co-invented a revolutionary new perimeter that allows rapid and accurate detection and diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma. Researched and authored business plan and SBIR grant proposal. Designed and wrote software control program, diagnosis system, and user interface using Borland C/C++ and TurboVision. Designed and implemented hardware interface which coupled eye tracking system with PC. Documented entire project including business activities. Established and maintained business relationships and contacts, including SBA Score advisors, mentors, and MIT officials.
· MIT Infant Vision Lab                 Cambridge, MA            April 1993 - Dec. 1995
Vision Scientist, Research Assistant.
        Designed a C program that used a digitizing tablet to test and compare prismatic adaptation under luminance contrast with adaptation under chromatic, isoluminant contrast. Analyzed reaction times and mastery curve using both DOS and UNIX programs. Analyzed subjective isoluminance bandwidth. Designed a C program that both interfaced a dedicated eye-tracking computer with a PC, and drove a 3D monitor to determine the onset of stereopsis in infants. Assisted with data collection and analysis for a longitudinal study of accommodative demand and response under different real and optically mediated conditions. Some of the results of this last project were written up in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Technical Software Developer.
        Interfaced the Canon R1 AutoRefractor with a PC. Converted non-standard printer signal to EIA232, wired appropriate interface cable, and created remote control. Collaboratively designed and independently wrote event-triggered data collection program with real-time analysis and storage using Borland Pascal’s object-oriented Turbo Vision windowing environment.

· Lowell Institute School                 Cambridge, MA            Sept. 1992 - June 1996
Laboratory Instructor, Teaching Assistant: Microprocessor Systems: Basic Principles.
        Worked in conjunction with the course’s developer teaching programming and manipulating Z80 digital microprocessors. Assisted students with comprehension and application of materials in a laboratory setting. Taught skills such as proper program design and planning, modularity, troubleshooting, proper use of resources at hand, and efficient assembly language programming techniques.

1999: Academy Award of Merit -- OSCAR from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 1993: Burchard Scholar Semi-Finalist – Humanities
1999: National Register's Who's Who In Executives and Professionals           ADP Literary Contest Semi-Finalist – Humor Essay
1997: Initiated – Club de Andinismo Politecnico 1992: National Deans List
1995: MIT $10K Entrepreneur Contest Semi-Finalist           Alfred J. Speak Scholar – Academic Excellence
          Senior Appreciation Award – 4 yr. Varsity Basketball Player           Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at MIT Social Chair
1994: Placed top 5% on Medical College Admission Test 1991: National Merit Association Finalist
          Boston Marathon Runner           Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction 
          Leading Scorer – Intramural Ice Hockey           Edward H. Bloustein New Jersey Distinguished Scholar

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