Ivan Louis Gevirtz                   Ivan Louis Gevirtz
                                                Siaxx Corporation
                                                400 Harvard Ave. E. #404
                                                Seattle, WA 98102-7018
                                                (206) 328-9421


· Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA Sept. 1991 - Dec. 1994
Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences ; Pre-Med .


· Amazon.com Anywhere Seattle, WA Sept. 1999 - Sept. 2000
Founder, Software Development Engineer.
        Founding member of the Amazon Anywhere initiative. In the first month of employment developed and released the worlds first wireless shopping application on the Palm VII. Lead technical interviewer instrumental in growing group from 9 to about 40, which included personally hiring 8 engineers. Designed, developed, and deployed the worlds first cell phone shopping application and extended its reach to international markets. This product won Cellmania's Inaugural WAPPY award for the world's best wireless shopping application. Acted as strategic technology analyst for General Manager. Responsibilities included developing and presenting demos of new technical architectures and evangelizing them. First point of contact for Mobile Auctions project. By using paging notification, the Alerts component of Mobile Auctions was Amazon.com's first service to capitalize on the freedom uniquely afforded by mobility. Responsibilities included acting as engineering lead and ultimately project manager. In addition, made strategic business decisions on product functionality and deployment schedule, and trained customer service. Wrote numerous internal proposals, many of which were approved and implemented, including how to redesign the cell phone site to capitalize on the unique needs of mobile users.
· Siaxx Corporation Brookline, MA 1992 - Current
Founder, CEO.
        Began as independent consulting organization in 1992. Formally incorporated in 1998. Organized and managed the corporation, secured clients, proposed projects, negotiated contract terms, and managed the books. Clients included Convergence Corporation, the OMF group, AVID Technology, and before formally incorporated, Intel Corporation, Strategic Interactive Group, Lotus Development Corporation, and CAMI Research. Recognized in National Register's Who's Who In Executives and Professionals. Details below.
· Convergence Corporation Norcross, GA July. 1999 - Sept. 1999
Senior Software Engineer.
        Joined Convergence Corporation after consulting for over a year through Siaxx Corporation. Provided technical expertise in several areas including cross platform development and code modularity. This was instrumental in having the company rapidly acquired by Amazon.com.
· Open Media Framework Tewksbury, MA Oct. 1998 - August 1999
Senior Engineering Consultant, Sustaining Engineer.
        Sole person responsible for coordinating and maintaining Avid's Open Source OMF Toolkit. Interfaced with external clients and partners. Triaged incoming requests and project requirements. Developed enhanced features and tools, including an OMF file viewer for Windows. Did custom work to support external parties, including Pixar.
· Avid Technology Tewksbury, MA Apr. 1998 - October 1998
Senior Engineering Consultant.
        Proposed enhancements to Avid Technology's OpenCore project and led implementation effort. Project adhered to the highest engineering standards including ISO 9001.
· Intel Corporation Tewksbury, MA Oct. 1997 - Apr. 1998
Principal Development Engineer.
        Designed, and lead a small team of engineers to develop software for Avid Technologies Oscar winning Media Composer editing system. Worked with a team to ensure software was of the highest quality.
· Escuela Politécnica Nacional Quito, ECUADOR Sept. 1996 - Aug. 1997
Volunteer English Teacher.
        Worked as a volunteer with Harvard’s WorldTeach program. Creatively designed and taught curriculum at the country’s premier Engineering University. Showed leadership role within WorldTeach by compiling feedback and authoring documentation and proposals. Fluent in spoken Spanish.
· Vispertek Corporation Cambridge, MA June 1994 - Aug. 1996
Co-Founder, CTO.
        As an undergraduate at MIT, co-invented a revolutionary new perimeter that allows rapid and accurate detection and diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma. Researched and authored business plan and SBIR grant proposal. Awarded Semi-Finalist in MIT 10k Entrepreneur Business Plan Contest. Established and maintained business relationships and contacts, including Board of Advisors, external SBA Score advisors, mentors, doctors, lawyers, and MIT officials. Designed and wrote software control program, diagnosis system, and user interface. Designed and implemented hardware interface which coupled eye tracking system with PC. Documented entire project including business activities. Managed general corporation and business activities.
· Lotus Development Corporation Cambridge, MA April 1996 - Aug. 1996
Software Engineer, Team Leader.
        Lead a cohesive team to design and develop Internet tools. In addition to being lead developer, responsibilities included gathering product requirements from internal and external sources and using information to write specifications. Saved project by calling an executive level meeting, which included senior VP's, and proposing a methodology to rapidly make product more powerful and better address customer's needs. Rapidly implemented this proposal under considerable time pressure. Trained new employees and assisted in project planning.
· Lowell Institute School Cambridge, MA Sept. 1992 - June 1996
Laboratory Instructor, Teaching Assistant: Microprocessor Systems: Basic Principles.
        Taught programming and digital microprocessor skills. Managed class sizes of up to 60 students. Assisted students with comprehension and application of materials in a laboratory setting. Taught skills such as proper program design and planning, modularity, troubleshooting, proper use of resources at hand, and efficient programming techniques.
· MarketMAX Inc. Danvers, MA Jan. 1995 - Feb. 1996
Software Architect.
        Worked with a small team to develop a new product from scratch. Worked as architect and developer on project from the planning stages through final release and first maintenance upgrade. Helped President with strategic analysis and revising business plan. Founded company recycling program. Coordinated employee events.
· MIT Infant Vision Lab Cambridge, MA April 1993 - Dec. 1995
Vision Scientist, Research Assistant.
        Designed software systems used in a longitudinal study which was written up in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

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